Our Mission is to provide inviting spaces, new opportunities and lasting memories.


Owner & Chief Enthusiasm Officer

The idea of owning a general store and small roadside inn has been a dream of mine for twenty years. My husband, James, works for the National Park Service and we have spent three decades exploring our country's natural and cultural wonders. When we are in remote areas we love finding local shops and quaint places to stay that offer the goods and services we need. They are often lifesavers!

Twenty years ago I had a vision that when James retires, we would open a business at a crossroads of outdoor recreation opportunities that would offer travelers and local residents the most pertinent needs for daily living and adventures. It would be a hub of local information and community building; a place of comfort, coffee and conversation; a showcase for local artisans; and outlet of outdoor gear and clothing; and an oasis for travelers along their journeys.

We moved to Baker, NV, three years ago and it instantly felt like home. The community is small but robust and the Nevada landscape is stunning. We found our crossroads. Recently, when a downtown Baker business announced they were putting the property up for sale, I knew the timing was right to make my dream a reality.


We are a 10-room roadside motel and general store in beautiful Baker, Nevada. 

Just steps away from Great Basin National Park, we are ideally located to the region's outdoor recreation opportunities.


With one of the darkest night skies in the country, this is an excellent area for stargazing.

The park offers astronomy programs in the summer and an annual astronomy festival in mid-September. The park also features limestone caves and bristlecone pine trees that live over 4,000 years old.


Baker is also a perfect destination while driving or biking through the great American West. Nevada's stretch of Highway 50 is called  The Loneliest Road in America. For hundreds of miles it is likely you will see more mountain peaks than cars.


Get ready to experience the wonder and awe of the the Great Basin!